Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Unexpected Kisses

They are the best, aren't they? They make you feel like you're doing something right. Tonight, while we were watching TV, Paisley sidestepped her little self over to the couch from the end-table and reached out for me to pick her up. I thought she just wanted to snuggle, so I propped her up in my lap and continued to watch the show. Then, she leaned forward to get my attention, grabbed my face, opened her little mouth and leaned in for a big smack on the lips! As "juicy" as it was, it was worth it! :) She then proceeded to climb off the couch and go back to playing with her toys. I turned off the TV and got down in the floor with her. It's the little things that make you realize just how lucky you are!

(I wasn't able to catch our little moment tonight on camera, so I provided a recent picture of 'snuggle time' with Daddy!)

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