Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes....

My baby girl is officially a year old! I'm still in shock I think. It's funny, because I think she already acts different. She now tells me 'no' and tries to make her own decisions. I took her yesterday to buy her first pair of Stride Rite shoes. Her great grandmother, MeMe, was adamant that she have a pair and was sure to give Paisley money for them for her birthday. We walked into the store and after the very nice gentleman measured her little foot and showed us our choices, I began to choose which ones I liked the most. Apparently, this did not matter to Paisley. She immediately chose a sparkly, pink pair. They were not my first choice. Or my second. Or third. I would put them back and redirect her attention to the ones that I had chosen. She would push my hand away and say 'nope!' and reach back for her choice. After going through this 4 or 5 times, I realized that I wasn't going to win this battle. I know that I technically could have gotten any shoes I wanted and she probably would have never known the difference once we got home, but I would not give up the look on her sweet face when we let her put them on. She was so proud of herself and that grin just melted my heart! She wore them out of the store and she kept lifting her foot up and saying 'shoooooes'. We met a girlfriend of mine for coffee and she immediately showed off her new shoes. I was just happy that she she was happy.

My little girl is a year happened so fast!

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  1. She's such a sweetie! I agree, you could have just grabbed the pair you liked the most, but now you have this precious story and I know you will never forget the look on her face! You'll have to post a picture of her in her new, sparkly Princess shoes soon! :)