Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One Little Step at a Time...

Today my little girl woke up like she does every morning, grinning from ear to ear and talking to our cat, Josie. I had no idea that today would be the day that she would decide to take a chance that would change her little life forever. There's no turning back now! :)

After coming downstairs this morning and eating her breakfast, Paisley was sitting in her chair in our living room watching Special Agent Oso. I was folding the laundry that was left in the dryer from the night before, when I looked up to see that Paisley had stood up in front of her chair. She was just standing there and then, like she had been doing it forever, she took about seven steps toward the entertainment center. I just stood there, speechless, wondering if what I just saw really happened. She turned to look at me and just had this look of accomplishment on her face. I ran right to her, shouting every praise I could think of. Like it was nothing, she turned around and walked right back to her chair. I took a moment to gather my emotions, because I knew, this was it. My baby is turning into a little girl. For the rest of the day, she walked from place to place all throughout the house. Each time she would get to where she was wanting to be, she would look at me and smile that beautiful smile. I can't help but feel so blessed to call her mine. Paisley is such an amazing little girl and I am so proud to be her mother.

The video below was taken right after she first started walking. Her daddy was at work and I knew I had to catch her in action so that he wouldn't feel like he missed it.

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