Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Star was Born...

We all knew that when Paisley was born she would quickly become the star of our lives. We had no idea that she would know she was the star :). Let me just say that she is quite the little diva. Drama Queen would better suit Miss Paisley! I do however love the fact that she knows exactly how to tell us what she wants. There is no whining to let us know that she's not quite's a full on tantrum! Is it sad to say that I absolutely love this quality of hers?

But the best part of my little starlet is her smile. She has a real smile. The kind that can melt your heart before you have a chance to realize what hit you. She smiles with her eyes (she gets that from her daddy). She has the most incredible personality! It's like she was put on this earth to make me smile and she knows it!

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